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What type of guinea pigs are there
Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds
Cheat Sheet: Types of guinea pigs. My Meeko is a brindle Abyssinian. - Lol idk why i felt the need to pin this, but it may be necessary one day.
Guinea pig breeds are split between the following types: • Smooth Coat • Long Coat • Rough Coat • Hairless • Colourations
Baldwin Guinea Pig - a Hairless Breed
Some breeds of guinea pig have extraordinarily long hair
American Guinea Pig
Two guinea pigs (9 months old)
American Guinea Pig
Popular Guinea Pig Breeds
Smooth Coated Breeds Name Characteristics Fun Facts Photo (Click to view larger image) Short ...
Skinny pigs may be the most unique kind of guinea pig.
Guinea pig breeds are split between the following types: • Smooth Coat • Long Coat • Rough Coat • Hairless • Colourations
Guinea pig breeds are split between the following types: • Smooth Coat • Long Coat • Rough Coat • Hairless • Colourations
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Below is a list of the most common types of guinea pigs found as pets. This is not an all-inclusive list and other breeds may be available.
10 Unusual & Charming Breeds Of Guinea Pigs
The Rex. The Rex guinea pig is ...
guinea-pig Abyssinian The Abyssinian has tall round swirls of hair all over its body and come in a variety of colors as well as satin.
Teddy is a breed that looks like a stuffed animal. The Teddy
Guinea Pig breeds icon set flat style isolated on white. Pet rodents collection. Create
Images courtesy of Southern Cavy Club
A white crested guinea pig has a white spot on the head.
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American or English Short Hair Guinea Pig
Silkie Guinea Pig
Bicolours come in lots of different combinations. Brindle. Brindle guinea pigs ...
A black abyssinian guinea pig. The Abyssinian
So, You Want a Pet Guinea Pig?
American Guinea Pig. American Cavy Breed The ...
These guinea pigs are well known for their fuzzy hair
Abyssinian guinea pigs are usually very active and affectionate guinea pigs, and their fur needs regularly looking after.
Abyssinian guinea pigs have deep, tall rosettes all over the body, rosettes are whirls of fur that grow evenly from a certain point on the animals coat, ...
Texel Guinea Pig
Teddy Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)
Caring for Your Guinea Pig
It is essential to comb this guinea pig breed's fur on a daily basis and trim it if it grows too long.
Coronet Guinea Pig
You may want to consider choosing from some guinea pig cages, lettuce varieties and of course, a fluffy little guinea ...
Types of Guinea Pig Breeds. 1. The American
Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig
Different types of guinea pig
Guinea Pig Breeds Rex White Background
Guinea pig bonding basics
Abyssinian guinea pig
Companionship for Guinea Pigs
type of guinea pig cage_1
Satin Guinea Pig Breed
Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs
These guinea pigs are smooth and short-haired but also have a swirl of hair on the forehead. A cavy with a white swirl and the rest of the hair a different ...
What to Do About Cystic Ovaries in Guinea Pigs
guinea pig colors
The American or English Cavy is the most common breed of guinea pig, as well as one of the oldest. The hair is short, smooth, straight, and sleek.
Alpaca Guinea Pig
brown guinea pig looking at camera
what's the difference between the silkie and the peruvian guinea pig?
Common Guinea Pig Breeds
American, the most common guinea pig breed.
White Crested Guinea Pig
Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig. Silkie or Sheltie
Hairless guinea pig
Guinea Pig
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Pete Wedderburn answers your pet questions. This week: a traumatised cat and the best diet for guinea pigs.
10 Unusual & Charming Breeds Of Guinea Pigs
Hairless guinea pigs are a new pet craze
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Abyssinian guinea pig
Guinea Pigs in Bow Ties
Guinea Pig Eating Cucumber
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Inside a guinea pig farm
Guinea Pig
Hundreds of years of captive breeding by the Andean people of South America, who kept guinea pigs not as pets but as a food source, have made these gentle ...
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Origin: Unknown (breed was found via genetic mutation) Size: 8 to 12 inches. Lifespan: 4 to 5 years. Breed profile: Teddy guinea pigs have a springy coat ...
Texel Guinea Pig
Beige Guinea Pig
Best guinea pig cage
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Apply to Adopt Me
Argente guinea pig